Financial Analytics as a Service

Leverage Data Science to Enhance Financial Decision-Making

Our Financial Analytics service provides analysis and tools to support banks, asset managers, private equity firms, and other financial institutions.

Financial Services & Data Science

We combine our financial services experience with data science expertise to enhance investment processes and financial decision-making, enabling sophisticated, data-driven insights for a wide variety of use cases.

  • Deep understanding of market structures and relevant valuation techniques enables informed valuation and financial decisions
  • Risk management expertise employs risk measures as well as a statistical approach
  • Capital markets industry experience with front, middle, and back office processes


  • Sophisticated data sourcing technologies seamlessly integrate data across multiple sources and formats
  • Calculation engines compute risk measures and investment metrics
  • Data visualization tools extract insights from data and generate new ideas, providing key analytics at-a-glance

Key Benefits

Analyze Data and Test Hypothesis Quickly

Actionable analytics that become an integral part of the financial decision-making process enabling teams to analyze opportunities and isolate risks quickly. 

Leverage Traditional Financial Data and New Sources of Unstructured Information

Include new criteria and metrics in financial decisions derived from sources such as news feeds, regulatory filings, and research reports.

Incorporate Large Volume of Data into Financial Models

Allow for the use of big data sets in financial analysis such as geolocation, website user tracking, and mortgage loan level data.

Visual and Interactive Analytic Tools to Uncover Trends Hidden in Disconnected Data

Empower analysts to understand and derive insights from disparate data sets using visual interactive tools, charts, and graphs.

Decision Making Framework with Predictive Tools

Create data-driven systematic decision dashboards that leverage predictive analytical tools and utilize information from disparate sources and systems.

Our Tools and Platform


  • Structure unstuctured sources-PDFs, Excel, web
  • Natural language processing (NLP) to identify key themes in research documents, news feeds etc
  • Sentiment analysis to identify and score views

  • Interactive customizable dashboards
  • Produce charts and infographics
  • Integrate with analytic tools such as Tableau, Excel, MATLAB, R etc.

  • Regression, correlation, variance, covariance models
  • Time-series forecasting and trend estimation
  • Principal component analysis and other statistical decomposition techniques

  • Derivative and securities valuation
  • Return-risk optimization frameworks that incorporate predictive market simulation
  • Value-at-risk and market risk models with scenario analysis and stress testing


  • Market data time series tracking and forecasting
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Portfolio modeling and optimization

How It Works

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, adopting a responsive, collaborative approach to custom tailor solutions to meet their specific needs. We provide rapid, high-impact turnarounds that support an iterative process with short lead times, adapting to changing priorities, data updates, or new sources of information as necessary.

Working With You

Our team of engagement managers and analysts collaborate closely with our clients to provide responsive, experienced service that meshes seamlessly with client needs. We are head-quartered in New York with our India Innovation Lab based in Mumbai, allowing us to service all major time zones.

Engagement Managers
Our New York-based team has deep industry experience working with global banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and private equity teams. We collaborate with clients to derive meaning and insight from data.

Our experienced analysts combine their data science expertise with capital markets training, including relevant financial certifications (e.g. CFA, FRM, CPA, MBA).

Case Studies

CASE                                                                  CLIENT

Trade Market Impact Dashboard                                                Multi-strategy HF $15B in AUM

Insurance Settlement Valuation                                                   Multi-strategy HF $15B in AUM

Improving Market Risk Reporting Processes                             Large Global Bank $1.5T in Assets

Portfolio Company: Luxury Fashion Brand                                 Major PE firm $20B in AUM

Pricing Competitor Response Simulator                                      Major PE firm $20B in AUM

Customer Churn Analysis                                                               Global Payment Processing Solutions Provider

Investment Research Applying Data Science                              Large Institutional Hedge Fund Investor

Key Technologies