Hedge Fund Analysis Radically Simplified

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Simplify hedge fund analysis for investors, allocators, and advisers.

RADiENT Investment Analytics Driven by Data Science™ simplifies fund selection and portfolio construction, to dramatically reduce the operational costs of managing a hedge fund portfolio.

Our managed service is built with cloud technologies and utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning, to automatically extract information from fund documents, industry databases, regulatory filings, market data, and macro-economic data.

RADiENT eliminates costs, increases accuracy, shrinks processing times, requires no implementation, and is for:

  • Investors – Single Family Offices, Endowment Funds, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Allocators – Multi Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Fund Seeders, Private Banks
  • Advisers – Registered Investment Advisers, Private Wealth Management, Investment Consultants
  • Investor Relations – Investor Relations at Funds, Capital Introductions, Third Party Marketers


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