We advise technology solution providers on adapting their products and services to the specific needs of financial markets. We help define a complete technology product offering, including a targeted customer value proposition for a particular market segment. We leverage our industry expertise, insights, and relationships gained through working with prominent broker-dealers, banks, traditional asset managers, and hedge funds. Through collaborative engagement with our client, the technology solution provider, we develop a viable offering that is used to incorporate feedback from industry participants, including potential customers and thought leaders.

We offer:

  • Industry Knowledge – Explain the landscape and trends of the capital 
markets industry
  • Product Concepts – Engage with the product development team and provide real-world insight into the product development process
  • Value Proposition – Craft a value proposition that includes a defined product offering with a targeted customer message focused on a specific customer sector
  • Relationships – Develop relationships with industry thought leaders and potential customers
  • Regulatory Environment – Understand the impact of changing regulations on the industry’s technology needs


Developing a Product Concept and Value Proposition

Product Concept B

We guide the development of ideas to produce a product concept that is targeted at a specific segment of the capital markets industry. We assemble a collaborative cross-functional team consisting of key individuals from the client along with our experts. In close coordination with the client’s team, our experts review the product offering from a functional and technical perspective.

Once the product concept has been developed, we craft a minimum viable product offering that includes a well-defined product concept and a customer value proposition. We then meet with potential customers, thought leaders, and potential partners to engage in discussions and working sessions in order to create a network of industry participants and a partner eco-system.

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