Portfolio Company: Luxury Fashion Brand

Case 3 Image Final CTrend in Sales ($Millions) Broken Down by Channel

Case Study

A major PE firm with an investment in a luxury fashion brand wanted to understand the product density and pricing distribution among the various sales channels of its portfolio company, and compare that versus key competitors. Our client, the PE firm, wanted to share these insights with the management team to spark discussion and overcome traditional stereotypes on pricing.


  • Combine portfolio company’s internal data with competitors’ publicly available information using web scraping and text mining techniques
  • Create a dashboard to visualize the comparison of sales and revenue metrics, and compare the product price distribution against key competitors


  • Gain deeper insight to the competitive landscape by incorporating web-based data that was previously difficult to gather and compare to structured data
  • Enable the PE firm to substantiate its product pricing hypothesis across the sales channel based on analysis
  • Provide management with a process and framework to evaluate changes in pricing
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