Adapting Mutual Fund Document Automation for the Hedge Fund Industry

A Chicago based document automation and client reporting software-as-a-service solution provider to large mutual fund complexes was looking for alternate markets for their core technology. Through initial discussions with Risk Advisors, the firm’s founders were interested in studying the needs of hedge fund managers and identifying possible applications within the hedge fund industry.


  • Conducted working sessions with the firm’s co-founders who are the CEO and CTO respectively to understand their vision for the product.
  • Understood the product offering including the functionality, its technical merits, and its value proposition to their mutual fund clients.
  • Suggested three use-cases in the hedge fund industry that could potentially benefit from the firm’s core technology
  • Identified the investor reporting area at hedge funds as a potential customer sector through working sessions with prominent hedge funds and primary industry research
  • Collaborated with the client to develop a product proof-of-concept and setup a series of in-depth sessions with hedge fund professionals to solicit feedback and refine proposed offering.


  • Quickly narrowed area of focus and sped development of proof-of-concept targeted at the hedge fund industry
  • Received feedback from potential customers on proof-of concept that was considered to refine product offering and customer value proposition.
  • Our client developed close relationships with hedge fund COO and CTOs who are now assisting as advisers.
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