Trading and Risk Management Solutions From Japan Enter the United States Market

In early 2013, a Japanese firm focused on trading and risk management technology products decided to explore opportunities in the United States as part of their strategy for global expansion. The firm serves nine out of the ten largest financial institutions in Japan and has over 600 employees and U.S. $200 million in annual revenues. Risk Advisors was tasked with identifying target market segments in the U.S. for their financial technology products.


  • Understood the firm’s solutions offered in the Japanese market and comparable offerings in the US.
  • Sourced critical feedback from industry leaders at prominent broker-dealer and asset management firms in the US.
  • Overlaid the functionality offered by the client’s product suite with our research findings and the industry feedback we received.
  • Directed interaction between our client and their potential US customers and facilitated working sessions with key decision makers.
  • Identified increased regulatory scrutiny of trading activity by the SEC and CFTC as a potential opportunity. Regulators had started to impose severe penalties including significantly increased fines and increasingly threatened shutdown.


  • Identified the increased need for trading surveillance software and realized that it was a need unaddressed by existing vendors.
  • Recognized that our client is well positioned to meet this demand by leveraging their real-time trade matching platform technology that has been deployed at a major Japanese securities exchange.
  • Collaborated with our client and a potential customer, a leading broker-dealer, to analyze the current trading supervision deficits and conducted tests on real sample data to develop a product offering
  • Built a business case for their trading surveillance software supported by research, and produced a product concept complete with a customer value proposition tailored to the needs of the US market.
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