Assist Institutional Investors in Identifying Opportunities in the Brazilian Alternative Investment Industry

A representative engagement includes an overview of the industry, in-country research on managers and strategies, assistance with fund selection, and an ongoing local monitoring of investments. The client is typically a pension plan, endowment fund, investment consultant, or family office seeking exposure to Brazilian alternative asset managers including hedge funds and private equity managers. The client engages with our seasoned team of Brazil alternative investment experts in New York and our fund-of-funds investment team in São Paulo.


  • Presented an updated market summary with trends, industry facts, and regulatory environment affecting the alternative investment landscape in Brazil.
  • Discussed investment objectives for the Brazilian portion of the client’s alternative investment allocation and ascertained expected risk/return profile.
  • Facilitated visit to Brazil to meet with fund managers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Selected managers to evaluate based on research and dialogue with our fund-of-funds investment team based in São Paulo.
  • Performed quantitative analysis using Risk Advisors’ process developed through working with institutional investors in the United States.
  • Provided qualitative analysis including insight and commentary from São Paulo based team.
  • Ongoing monitoring of investment and investment themes utilizing local investment team.


  • Overcame differences in language, business culture, and regulatory environment through Brazil expertise and in-country assistance.
  • Access to information, fund materials, and institutional level analysis on interesting hedge fund and private equity funds.
  • Identified opportunities and issues early through ongoing monitoring and continued support.
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